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Take a Breath of Life!

AIRNERGY is a Respiratory therapy which helps in maintaining, building up and regenerating cellular function. It helps to promote

  • Healthy sleep 

  • Strengthen the Immune System

  • Stimulate Self-Healing

  • Anti-Aging and Skin Regeneration

  • Energizes and Revitalises

Multi-Award Winning Product from Germany 

 Anti-Ageing and Skin Regeneration Benefits


"Even after a short time of inhalation (a few weeks) my skin has clearly taken on a glamorous appearance, which has continued. My skin is smoother, tighter and firmer. Especially the fine lines around my neck which you get at my age have clearly reduced and become smoother. The effect is better than any anti-wrinkle skin cream which I have tried up to now..." - A doctor and scientific journalist:


"I noticed that the appearance of my skin improved without using creams and 

all signs of the psoriasis disappeared from my hands, elbows and knees....after the second week I had no further deterioration. I suffer from various problems including bad skin. The areas of psoriasis on my face have disappeared completely..." Individual with Psoriasis:

Spas and Beauty Industry

Significant effect on the elasticity of the skin.

How is Airnergy different from other Oxygen therapies?

Why is Oxygen so Important for our Health?

Breathing - The Elixir of Life

Our modern lifestyle can stress the human body with up to 80,000 harmful substances each and everyday. This places enormous pressure on our body's detoxification process. 70% of the body's detoxification process takes place through breathing! In every single one of these 60 billion cells, up to 1 billion controlled biochemical reactions can take place each second. The main energy supplier used by the body to achieve this is the oxygen in the air.

The German biochemist, doctor, and physiologist Dr Otto Warburg won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for discovering that, in simple terms, all cells will become diseased if they are unable to make the best use of oxygen in the air. The Airnergy Principle is based on these findings.

How does Airnergy Spirovital Therapy work?

Oxygen is activated in a way which your body understands

In the Airnergy device the air's oxygen is continuously returned to its high energy state (singlet oxygen) which is the physiologically active form of the oxygen that the body is familiar with.

This enables the patent-protected process to take place, which is technologically adapted from the natural process of photosynthesis.

The short-lived singlet oxygen returns in a fraction of a millisecond to its basic state and therefore gives off energy, which is then inhaled through a comfortable breathing cannula together with normal respiratory air.

The "Airnergy energy" noticeably improves the way the oxygen is used and has a positive effect on many of the bodily functions - without an additional supply of oxygen or other foreign substances

Who should use Airnergy?

Airnergy is designed for people who want to take responsibility for their own health, in order to support the body's own energy balance in everyday life. This should primarily help to increase your daily energy and promote your body's regenerative ability overnight.

Airnergy can also help to stimulate the body's own regulation mechanisms, can provide support with chronic conditions and can be used to help the body's detoxification process.

A milestone in therapy

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