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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Airnergy?

Are you not quite sure how it works? Would you like to know whether Airnergy can also help you?

On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

I. Scope and areas of applications

1.What is Airnergy and what is it used for?

Airnergy is a Spirovital therapy (respiratory therapy) and it is inhaled. Amongst other things this therapy is suitable for prevention i.e. maintaining, building up and regenerating cellular function and generally for increasing performance. Airnergy can promote healthy sleep, strengthen immune system and stimulate self-healing as well as optimising regulation.

2. For whom is Airnergy suitable?

Airnergy is suitable for people of all age groups. The only exception is healthy children (0-14 years of age). Since energy production is at its optimum level in childhood, as opposed to in older adults, it is recommended that Spirovital therapy only be used for children who are ill and after consultation with the treating doctor.

3. How is Airnergy used?

Airnergy is inhaled via a lightweight cannula. The applicator (nasal cannula) is 2.1m long and so can be used whilst moving within this radius, e.g. whilst exercising on a treadmill, while ironing, sitting at your desk, reading, watching television or simply relaxing, either seated or lying down.

II. How it works

1. How does the process work?

The oxygen present in the air is continuously converted in the Airnergy breathing device from its natural, lower-energy triplet state into its high-energy state. This is a physiological, active form of the oxygen that the body recognises because the body's cells produce this form of oxygen themselves in the course of typical metabolic reactions.

The physical conversion of the oxygen from one state to another is made possible by a patented method(with so called catalyst) that technically replicates the natural process of photosynthesis. The short-lived singlet oxygen reverts back to its basic state, the triplet state, within milliseconds and thereby releases the energy that is liberated from the difference between the triplet and singlet state to the surrounding medium, in this case to water molecules. To guarantee this process the air is led through a bottle filled with water in order to humidify the air before it is taken through the catalysts for the second time. This air that is saturated with energised air is then inhaled.

2. Is Airnergy an oxygen concentrator?

No, oxygen is not concentrated in the device nor is any additional oxygen added. Equally the oxygen is not ionised or altered by UV light and ozone is not added.

3. How is it different from other oxygen therapies?

In previous traditional oxygen therapies, oxygen is delivered to the body in many different ways. AIRNERGY does not deliver any additional oxygen or any other substances and uses the naturally available energy of oxygen. The traditional oxygen therapies support "external respiration" - That is the uptake of oxygen from the lungs into the blood. AIRNERGY, on the other hand, supports "internal respiration" (=cellular respiration) - that is the uptake of oxygen from the blood into the cells.

In the case of chronic lung diseases, for example the administration of concentrated oxygen is an important, and often vital, mature as otherwise much too little oxygen finds its way into the blood from the lungs. However, if the lungs are healthy and therefore fully functional, they ensure that sufficient oxygen is transported to the cells via the blood. In this case oxygen saturation in the blood is nearly 100%. Because of this would be superfluous to administer even more oxygen.

4. What does water activation mean?

The Airnergy device alters the water in the glass bottle by the process of oxygen activation, since the water molecules take up the energy that is released during oxygen activation. When used regularly this activated water can harmonise disrupted metabolic processes, even those relating to skin.

III. Effects

1.How quickly does Airnergy work?

The subjective perception of the effects varies from person to person, depending upon the age, body weight, individual health status and sensitivity. 

As a rule the effects should be noticeable after 5 - 10 treatments. It is possible to objectively measure a biological effect only after one treatment. The time needed to experience a positive change in health disorders or illness varies and depends upon the individual user. 

Rule of thumb: The longer a health disorder or functional disturbance has been present, the longer it takes to balance it out.

2. What are the potential side effects?

Using AIRNERGY does not burden the body with the intake of any foreign substances via respiration and so no serious adverse risks or side effects are to be expected.

The AIRNERGY or "Spirovital therapy" merely stimulates completely natural processes in the body. 

3.Dosing/Overdosing: How often can Airnergy be used?

In principle it is not possible to overdose on AIRNERGY. It is necessary to try out an individual basis how long and how frequent treatments should be to achieve the desired objective. As a rule the recommended treatment time of 21 minutes 3-4 times a week is sufficient. The optimum is daily usage. In serious chronic conditions (e.g. chronic lung diseases like COPD) AIRNERGY should be inhaled 2-3 times per day.

4.Is there such a thing as habituation?

Yes, you get used to Spirovital therapy just like you get used to regular exercise or healthy eating. but the effect remains the same. It is recommended that AIRNERGY be used as a course of treatment i.e. for example, use it for 3 weeks and then have one week off, to get the best effect.

IV. Operation

1. Can several people use Airnergy at the same time?

No, the device is only designed for one user at a time, and only has one outlet nozzle. The airflow out of this nozzle is designed for the needs of one person. Of course, any number of people can use AIRNERGY consecutively.

2. What kind of water is suitable for use in the bottle?

Clean, still drinking water with a low mineral content should be put in the bottle. The optimum is water purified by reverse osmosis. As an alternative is bottle, still, low mineral water. Please never use carbonated water or tap water containing chlorine or with high lime content. You can obtain information about the quality of your drinking water from your water utility.

3. How often should the air filter be changed?

After 50 hours of operation the "Change filter" message will appear on the device's display. When this happens please change the filter 

4. How long can the nasal cannula be used for?

 The nasal cannula can be used many times but only ever by one person. Depending upon the frequency of the treatments, it is recommended that the nasal cannula be replaced every 1-3 months. However, should you contract a respiratory infection (cold,cough, sore throat), please replace your nasal cannula once the infection has passed in order to prevent reinfection.


5. How do you clean the glass bottle?

The glass bottle can be cleaned by hand using normal washing up liquid and a brush or at high temperature in the dishwasher.


6. Why are the intensity stages adjustable?

In very weak, sick or oversensitive patients and in cancer patients it is necessary for their weakened organism to get used to the new energy situation gradually. This can be achieved by gradually increasing the treatment time in steps (starting with a treatment time of 5 minutes) and gradually increasing the intensity (from 50% to 75% and then to 100%)


V. Purchasing

1. Who manufactures Airnergy?

 Airnergy AG is the only manufacturer of the Spirovital treatment devices in the world. The devices are 100%  “Made in Germany” and are exclusively manufactured in Hennef, the Company’s headquarters.


2. Are there any other suppliers?

 Airnergy AG is the only manufacturer to produce the device under Airnergy patent. The patent is protected worldwide.


3. What are the costs of consumables/ongoing costs?

The cost of using Spirovital therapy is very low and consist solely of costs for drinking water, electrivity, nasal cannulae and changing the air and bacterial filter every 50 hours of operation. Depending upon the model, 2 air filters and at least 10 nasal cannulae are included with the device on purchase.


VI. Questions relating to Medical Science

1.Are there any scientific studies relating to Airnergy?

Yes, there are several convincing studies and qualified patient follow-up as well well as numerous reports of experiences from several million applications, which provide proof of the effectiveness of Spirovital therapy. The recently published AIRNERGY Compendium summarizes the most important of these scientific principles and thus proves effectiveness of Airnergy.

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