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Airnergy Germany

The Airnergy team is made up of qualified employees from many different fields.

The research and Development team consists primarily of experts from their Medical Advisory Board. They are experienced doctors from holistic medicine, competitive athletes, their coaches and performance diagnosticians who move their research and development work forward, provide creative ideas and also check for effectiveness. In the interests of continuous further development, they evaluate the numerous practical observations and private experiential reports from the young and old, which are updated regularly.

As for the production side, most products are to a large extent handmade; they are not a production line producer with robots but a manufacturer with a German-based factory. At Airnergy, they only work with system components of the highest quality that have been thoroughly tested. In this way are they able to meet their own self-imposed high standards in product quality and safety.

In terms of the market, they move in the premium sector and accordingly they have a personal investment in making Airnergy products to the highest possible standard. Their watchwords are long-term freedom from maintenance, sustainability, user friendliness and low complaint quota and these should never become merely empty promises.

Airnergy Singapore

Airnergy Germany has awarded exclusive distributorship to POSITIVE VIBES, a Singapore based company who serves this region including Malaysia and Indonesia.

We work closely with Germany and their team for regular expert advice, news on latest development or research work and support for customer queries on the devices or information. As such, clients/customers are well supported when assistance or advise is required. Airnergy presentations can be arranged upon request by corporate, private practitioner, hotels, spas or any other organisations and their management.

Positive Vibes takes pride in treating each and every client with utmost respect and importance - to their satisfaction. 


An innovative and dynamic provider of exclusive natural health and wellness products and services in Singapore and the region.


To promote and empower individuals, families and communities of people to live happy, fulfilling and satisfying lives and improve their quality of life. Our aim is to achieve this through creating awareness of present day health challenges and the availability of safe and natural means towards sustaining wellness in today's modern and fast-paced lifestyle. We aspire to reach out to as many people and inspire them to make conscious effort in taking charge of their well-being through informed responsible choices.

Core Values

Our own shared values of responsibility, integrity, reliability, trust and commitment stand as the driving force behind the success of our business.

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