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Anti-Aging and Skin Regeneration Benefits

Aging gracefully inside and out

To Age Better: Energy from Inside

The Airnergy Spirovital method can help to keep illnesses at bay and to minimise their duration and effects. Since the body then uses up less energy to restore itself, more energy is available for enjoying life. This can include: regulation of metabolism, cell production and protection, strengthening the heart, reducing wrinkles, enhancing brain metabolism.

But primarily Airnergy Spirovital therapy helps with autonomic disorders and usually after only a short period of treatment. Because it can affect emotional factors such as feelings of self-worth, experience joy and happiness and motivation. It creates a positive foundation for subsequent organic changes. Hence secondary diseases and accompanying symptoms can be minimised.

Advances in medical science have meant that people are living longer and longer. It is therefore all the more important to enjoy the second half of one's life without any loss of health or vitality.

There is a wide spectrum of changes that occurs in the human body as we age.

And mostly after the age of 40. If you do nothing about it, then 10 to 20 years down the line, the body systems can be compromised and may become too late.

This is usually due to functional disturbances. The immune system and nervous system must be supported, the blood vessels protected, metabolic processes and sleep optimised.

Revitalising and Re-energizing Effects for Individuals with Burnout Syndrome

Are you on the verge of burnout and exhaustion?

People affected describe themselves as completely exhausted or metaphorically speaking as "burned-out", "running on empty" or "low battery". All these expressions stand for the status of a total lack of energy and the disability to relax which has developed within weeks, months, or years of excessive demand without the possibility to regenerate, relieve stress or to recharge the battery.

Listlessness and a lack of energy which in worst case results in the diagnosis "burnout" can, among others, be attributed to the production of energy (ATP). As respiratory air contains just 21% oxygen it is impossible to naturally supply the human body with 100% oxygen, especially when bearing in mind that of these 21% about 75% are exhaled again unused. Just about 5% respiratory oxygen are utilised by the body's cells.


A good way to regain your energy and for vegetative relaxation with the help of switching from sympathetic nervous system (working) to parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation) has been presented by the company Airnergy. A newly developed technology energizes respiratory air (spirovitalization). Here are some of the benefits:

About Spirovital Therapy

Spirovital Therapy is part of the Somatovital therapeutic concept by Airnergy

The 2 Therapies

Spirovital therapy (SVT) as an inhalation application, Gastrovital therapy (GVT) as a drinking application

1. Spirovital Therapy (SVT)

inhaling the energised breathing air via nasal cannula under normal conditions for 21 minutes, in the case of critically ill patients beginning slowly and gradually increasing the intensity. A course of treatment typically consists of 2-3 inhalations per week/ in serious chronic conditions even several times a day.

2. Gastrovital Therapy (GVT)

Drinking the energised water (produced during each application by the sparkling element in the water bottle of the inhalation device) following inhalation.



Today more than 50% of all illnesses and deaths are chronic or degenerative in nature

Without treating this systemic network, self-healing is often impossible - the main reason for people seeking out a natural healing modality such as the Airnergy method, with the air as a healing ingredient. The so called Spirovital therapy (Latin respirare = to breathe, vita=life) is a technological innovation to revitalise all cells via the breathe. 

This means that the Airnergy method is particularly suitable for using to remedy organic diseases and also functional disorders. In both cases it creates the conditions required for self-healing.

Over the past 16 years of research, Airnergy has been shown to have tremendous success in clinical observations in ailments and disorders.

How can one benefit from Airnergy Therapy?


One can benefit in 2 ways from the Somatovital therapeutic products from Airnergy.

Somatovital therapy represents a so-called background therapy on basic regulation processes. It unfolds its effects both in the cells as well as in the extracellular tissues, and can operate through networking in many parts of the human body; primarily in highly oxygen dependent, metabolically active organs and structures, and secondly in those areas particularly subjected to radical attack.


What processes in the human body are triggered by Somatovital therapy?

1. Increased release of oxygen from blood to tissue (achieved by increasing the peripheral separation of oxygen from haemoglobin in the erythrocytes or red blood cells)

2. Increased oxygen utilisation in the mitochondria (through activation of the enzyme cytochrome oxidase) with increased ATP production. i.e. increased energy production within the cells.

3.Increased elimination of (harmful) oxygen radicals or free radicals (by inhibition of the NADPH oxidase activity) and thus stabilising a healthy oxidative balance in the body.

4. Provision of the reduction equivalents (enhancing the immune system, harmonisation of the basal tissue, strengthening the detoxification of the liver, increased release of the happiness hormone serotonin).

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