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The International Prevention Organization, or short :IPO, has devoted the last 25 years to promoting public health care and by extension, to the development and dissemination of health promotion activities. Today the Federation is the largest nonprofit organization of its kinds in Europe, a network for health issues with international opinion leaders from science and industry alike. IPO, therefore, boasts multidisciplinary expertise to represent important themes of the healthcare market.

The IPO acknowledges the innovation therapies of Airnergy with the IPO Science Award. Optimal oxygen supply to the cells and neutralisation or disposal of reactive oxygen species constitutes a key component in maintaining health and overcoming disease. 

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Innovation award of the Century

For the first time in the history, a product and a technology like Airnergy has received the prestigious recognition as Innovation of the Century (1912-2012) by Fitness Tribune. This award recognises Airnergy's technology as the most holistic source of regeneration and anti-aging of the past 100 years. No other brand company or product in the world has ever received such a recognition.

This remarkable achievement is largely owing to its innovative nature that assembles several groundbreaking principles discovered by leading scientists in the last century. Airnergy makes use of biosynthesis principle to create energised air and water, which in turn stimulate inner body to generate a cascade of detoxification, revitalisation and rejuvenation processes naturally, Airnergy is patent protected interventional device in quantum biology.


To date, Airnergy has been accredited to the success of leading athletics, sport teams, anti aging clinics, wellness centres, healthcare professional and medical hospitals around the world, its role in anti-oxidative stress, anti-inflammation, anti-aging determines Airnergy is a technology of life. 

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Five Star Diamond Green Award

We are honoured to announce that Airnergy was awarded the highly prestigious Green Five Star Diamond Award, by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) for the second consecutive time. 

Once again Airnergy proved to be the innovator with their Health and Preventive Technology. The company's commitment to excellence, quality standards, and health benefits are taking effect worldwide, and Airnergy's CEO Guido Bierther is expanding the brand to China where its popularity is soaring. Made in Germany, benefitting the world!

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences is renewed worldwide for awarding excellence in the global travel and luxury services sector. Each year the Academy bestows its coveted international star diamond award exclusively on Five and Six star quality hotels, spas, gold courses, restaurants, chefs, destinations, airlines, cruise lines, and products. All its recipients are deemed to be of pinnacle quality and global recognition.

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Senses Innovations Award

Receiving the SENSES Innovation Award represents further international recognition for Airnergy Spirovital therapy. 

The criteria for the 18th SENSES Wellness Award were that the innovation should be holistic and sustainable. The 200 members of the jury- made up international health experts and operators of exclusive wellness and spa resorts - decided to award the prize to Airnergy Spirovital technology, because this can stimulate self-healing processes throughout the body and thus perfectly meets the current requirement by the European Health & Spa Award in 2010. Airnergy is especially grateful for the Senses Award as it confirms the growing acceptance of Airnergy technology on a national and international level. "This prize is another great validation of our medical innovation and gives us the strength ro continue with our honest and sincere hard work. Every day we receive feedback from our customers and patients who have had positive experiences using Airnergy Spirovital therapy. Their stories make it all worthwhile," says the company's founder Guido Bierther.

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Health & Spa Award

The new Airnergy design model 'Avant Garde' passed the hardest test existing in the health and spa sector in Europe and became one of the top three in the category 'Best Technical Product Innovation'.

The aim of the 'European Health & Spa Award' is to draw attention to the latest possibilities and best trends in the wellness sector and to improve the change, as well as, the quality of wellness businesses. The intent of this award is to emphasise the benefit and the importancr of innovative products. Its target is not only to present the quality of health and spa organisations but also to make a contribution to the companies' safeguarding of the future. Companies from all over Europe are invited to qualify for the 'European Health & Spa Award.' The ten best submissions for the ten existing categories were given an award with the sponsors' support during the SPA EVENT 2010 in Zell am See. The design and the technology, the offer and the service, the benefit (increase in productivity and efficiency), the profitability, the lastingness and the creativity were evaluated.

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