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Testimonial: Stroke

Mum and I are sending this E-mail to tell you how truly great the Airnergy machine is. I am 16, but I had a stroke at 17 months old leaving me with learning difficulties, right-side weakness and severe epilepsy, which has been under really good control and have been weaned off medication. I have a great deal of food allergies which used to trigger seizure and suffered terribly with hay fever, swollen itchy eyes, very sore bunged nose, sneezing all the time and totally miserable from about April/May onwards. Since Mum has bought the Airnergy machine in April and gradually building up 100%, I can honestly say I have experienced no symptoms at all of hay fever. Holding back for now on certain foods that would trigger my seizures, but watch this space. 

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- K & C Whiskin: M.E, Stroke, Epilepsy, Allergies

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