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Testimonial: Lung Sarcoidosis

I can hardly find the words to describe everything that has happened to me. Do you remember my first appointment with Airnergy? I don't know what impression I made on you, but I think I must have seemed very depressed, worn out, stressed and listless. That is exactly how things were for me - very bad. I had lost 10 kg. I was only managing to sleep for 2-3 hours a night. One of the initial tests I underwent found a possible overactive thyroid, but there was no clear diagnosis so I first had to take 50 mg of the thyroid hormone Eferox. After 4 weeks, I underwent further tests (still without Airnergy), but still no definite conclusion was reached. I was told that if my thyroid was overactive I should be prescribed a radioactive drug, but i did not want this. I was then told that i should tae Eferox again for 8 weeks, but should increase the dosage to 100mg. Was feeling really wretched and irritable and was continuing to lose weight. Then I told you about my lung sarcoidosis, which began 15 years ago. I found breathing more and more difficult; I could no longer climb the stairs or run or dance. I underwent a bronchioscopy and was diagnosed with Morbus Boeck, which could only be brought under control with cortisone tablets and spray and singular tablet. As this illness had not been diagnosed until very late on it was almost too late for me. This illness still continued to cause me problems. My blood oxygen levels were abysmal. At that time my lowest reading was 58, 70 would have been a good medium reading. Time after time x-rays revealed shadows and areas of thickening in both lungs. Lung function was never at its best. After the first period of cortisone treatment (2 years) my lung specialist said to me, I would not have thought that we could get you back to this stage. In other words, that I would to a certain extent be able to breathe again properly. But there was still no question of sport and the like. 

The years passed, some good, some bad. Then by chance I heard about Airnergy and this aroused my curiosity. In any case, to cut a long story short, its fantastic. Since I have been using Airnergy I no longer have an overactive thyroid and have been able to discontinue the medication immediately (why bother taking it?) And most important thing of all, my lung is once again in top condition. X-rays no longer show any shadows, there is no evidence of pulmonary striae and my oxygen level, which was 63, taking as a starting point the last reading taken in November, is now 82 after 3 months of Airnergy therapy. That's great isn't it? Many thanks Airnergy! And then there are all the other positive side effects; for example, I can now sleep through the night again, brilliant! And because I am going through the dreaded change I was always being dragged down into depressive phases, but now I no longer have any reason to be depressed. I am once again full of energy and somehow now have the feeling that I must turn my life inside out. Once again, very many thanks Airnergy. PS: This is no fairy story - Its Airnergy. 

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