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Testimonial: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I have had M.E/Chronic fatigue for seven years. During this time, I have had tens of tests and tried numerous treatments and supplements, with some good results, but nothing that has really made me feel well. I tried the Airnergy machine three weeks ago and instantly felt better. After a couple of treatments, I decided to go buy the Professional Plus machine. I installed it in front of the TV eight days ago, have been using it for about an hour or two every day. The Airnergy machine has given me an improvement in my overall feeling of ill-health, reduced the impact of my symptoms and by giving me more energy it has allowed me to accomplish much more in a day. I feel the best that i have felt in years, and hope to get even better the longer that I continue using the machine.

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- C. Silverstone:ME/Chronic Fatigue, age 19

In 1977 I contracted glandular fever and this led to M.E. and post-viral fatigue syndrome. I could only continue working by resting and sleeping at the weekends and during holidays. During the years 1983-85, the problems had virtually disappeared. However, in 1986, a viral infection triggered a renewal of problems and gradually more and more symptoms appeared. I managed to remain in full-time work until 1992 when I had no choice but to take an early retirement on the grounds of ill-health. In 2004, there were also a return on M.E. symptoms in the form of excessive sweating and an extremely cold spine in the early hours.

I bought the Airnergy Professional Plus machine and initially felt little response. On advise i increased the amount of time that I spent on the device. I now use it for 1/2 hour 4 times a day. After about 2 week the exhaustion and fatigue had disappeared. One cannot prove it, but I am convinced that the Airnergy therapy has been a distinct advantage in helping me with some of health problems and I am very grateful for that.

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- J. Leppington:ME, Age 71

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