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Testimonial: Bronchitis/Emphysema

I felt I must write and let you know how much our Airnergy machine has improved my quality go life and also that of my wife. I am nearly 78 and suffer from emphysema (and still smoke), In desperation I looked for some way of improving my deteriorating health and I came across an advert for Airnergy machines. On you advice I purchased the Professional Plus device and have used it twice a day for 20 minutes every day since then. I fly to southern Europe several times and always take the machine with me and after the stress of negotiating airports and flying with lack of oxygen on the plane I am very much in need of a boost. My Airnergy machine never fails to give me this and my oxygen levels are back to normal within a day on every occasion. My levels of oxygen were originally in the range of 90-93 but this has improved considerably to 95-98 on a regular basis.

My breathing tests at our doctor's surgery have remained stable since the use of the machine and the nurse who looks after me is constantly surprised by the results.

My wife is 71 and uses the machine once a day for 20 minutes and in spite of diabetes, atrial fribillation, high blood pressure and having had a stroke she still works as a medical secretary for a full day five days a week without any ill effect. She finds it hard to believe that she has any problems at all. I am sure this is solely due to our Airnergy machine. Although the price seemed high, we decided that life without good health is not worth living and so decided that as we would both benefit we would take a chance that our lives would improve. We have never regretted this expenditure. Before acquiring the machine, we took the details to our local doctor's surgery who were extremely impressed with the concept and encouraged us to proceed with the purchase. 

I have always found it easy to contact you should I need advise and am extremely grateful for all the help you have given us.

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M.& A Bourne, 70

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