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How can Airnergy help COPD sufferers?

The technology behind the trial results - Basic processes learned from nature

Airnergy therapy uses the relaxation energy of singlet oxygen - the body is not flooded with extra oxygen, as known from traditional/conventional oxygen therapies.

This technology promotes an energy transfer via the water molecules present in humidity, which may be inhaled using a nasal cannula. This fluorescence process continuously releases relaxation energy from singlet oxygen which is absorbed by the water molecules in humidity and transported further.

Finally, this technology provides COPD therapy free of side-effects and pain, addressing the causes and the locations of the disease (lung cells, mitochondria, and superordinated control organ ANS)

Trials and empirical evidence


COPD pilot study

According to common doctrine, an improvement in lung function in the case of COPD is impossible without the administration of drugs and additional oxygen. In science, however, everything is verified and repeatedly reproducing a result. Therefore Dr. Michael Kucera conducted a placebo-controlled pilot study on 24 COPD patients aged 49-67 years, proving that it is possible to improve lung function.

Since COPD usually develops over many months and years, a promising therapy must also be carried out over a longer period of time - everything else would be unrealistic and just wishful thinking. The patients suffering from COPD at different stages, received oxygen energy therapy for 6 months, twice a day for 20 minutes each. The most important parameter FEV1 was monitored using spirometry (pulmonary function test)

The remarkable part of these results is that every single (treated) COPD patient showed an improved lung function, without exception, whether COPD stage II or stage IV. Another notable observation is that the placebo group showed no improvements, not even the so-called placebo effect.

It is now scientifically proven that Airnergy is able to significantly increase lung capacity of people suffering from COPD and other lung diseases. Airnergy is not a complete cure for COPD, but by using the machine, people with CODP are able to increase their lung capacity, and thereby increase their quality of life.

Below this text one can see the findings of the placebo controlled study over 6 months of 24 COPD patients. (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) conducted by Michael Kucera.

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