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Can the effects be measured?

How can the effect of Airnergy therapy on the individual user be evidence?

The therapeutic potential was studied in the laboratories and clinically in health test subjects and athletes , prior to any administration of the therapy to the patients. In the latter case, any measurement of the specific effect of Airnergy applications with existing measurement methods is comparatively difficult as Airnergy therapy is and should be also be used in combination with other therapeutic procedures - constituting a background therapy in the support of traditional therapies and other natural remedies.

Of particular value in terms of quantifying any specific effivetivenss in the individual users is the measurement of heart rate variability (HRV). The recorded data indicate the condition of the autonomic nervous system (VNS), which connects all cells, tissues, and organs of a person via the network of hormones, immune system as well as psyche, and has direct influence on the body's ability to regulate and thus to health and/or illness.


How quickly does Airnergy work?

The subjective perception of the effects varies from person to person, depending upon the age, body weight, individual health status and sensitivity. 

As a rule the effects should be noticeable after 5 - 10 treatments. It is possible to objectively measure a biological effect only after one treatment. The time needed to experience a positive change in health disorders or illness varies and depends upon the individual user. 

Rule of thumb: The longer a health disorder or functional disturbance has been present, the longer it takes to balance it out.

What are the potential side effects?

Using Airnergy does not burden the body with the intake of any foreign substances via respiration and so no serious adverse risks or side effects are to be expected.

The Airnergy or "Spirovital therapy" merely stimulates completely natural processes in the body. 

Dosing/Overdosing: How often can Airnergy be used?

In principle it is not possible to overdose on Airnergy. It is necessary to try out on individual basis how long and how frequent treatments should be to achieve the desired objective. As a rule the recommended treatment time of 21 minutes, 3-4 times a week is sufficient. The optimum is daily usage. In serious chronic conditions (e.g. chronic lung diseases like COPD) Airnergy should be inhaled 2-3 times per day.

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