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More than 15 years ago our researchers have discovered the key to the Airnergy principle. Over many years our scientific experts developed the technology so that breathing Airnergy can be an everyday experience.

"Since 2000 the Airnergy company has been manufacturing breathing devices for preventive, therapeutic and complementary-medical spirovital therapy. For the first time this form of therapy utilised the previously unexploited biochemical behaviour of natural oxygen in the air and made it technically available for humans. With unexpectedly positive effects upon the human self-healing process. Airnergy bravely entered new medical territory and with outstanding success. As in all that is original and natural, the maximum potential of the effect lies in its simplicity. This highest level of natural efficiency is reflected in the concept of Spirovital therapy on a theoretically usable level - with a mechanism that is to be found everywhere in nature and which unfold its full effectiveness without the need for any additional chemicals or changes"

This compendium offers new perspectives and approaches in chronic lung diseases. With new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, and realistic goals to greater well-being and a better quality of life.

We have produced this AMD compendium to provide you with information and results that were not previously available and that may open up completely new perspectives concerning the successful treatment of age-related macular degeneration. The experience gained over the last 14 years clearly shows something that has also been confirmed by opthamologists and opticians, namely that it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in vision in patients with age-related macular degeneration and to reduce gray creep and the metabolic deposits called druse. To achieve such improvement, the body's internal repair and regeneration processes need to be able to do their job, and this in turn requires that certain preconditions be met.

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