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Are you on the verge of burnout and exhaustion?

People affected describe themselves as completely exhausted or metaphorically speaking as "burned-out", "running on empty" or "low battery". All these expressions stand for the status of a total lack of energy and the disability to relax which has developed within weeks, months, or years of excessive demand without the possibility to regenerate, relieve stress or to recharge the battery.

Listlessness and a lack of energy which in worst case results in the diagnosis "burnout" can, among others, be attributed to the production of energy (ATP). As respiratory air contains just 21% oxygen it is impossible to naturally supply the human body with 100% oxygen, especially when bearing in mind that of these 21% about 75% are exhaled again unused. Just about 5% respiratory oxygen are utilised by the body's cells.


A good way to regain your energy and for vegetative relaxation with the help of switching from sympathetic nervous system (working) to parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation) has been presented by the company Airnergy. A newly developed technology energizes respiratory air (spirovitalization) and helps with the following.

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