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How is Airnergy different from other oxygen therapies?

In previous traditional oxygen therapies, oxygen is delivered to the body in many different ways. AIRNERGY does not deliver any additional oxygen or any other substances and uses the naturally available energy of oxygen. The traditional oxygen therapies support "external respiration" - That is the uptake of oxygen from the lungs into the blood. AIRNERGY, on the other hand, supports "internal respiration" (=cellular respiration) - that is the uptake of oxygen from the blood into the cells.






In the case of chronic lung diseases, for example the administration of concentrated oxygen is an important, and often vital, mature as otherwise much too little oxygen finds its way into the blood from the lungs. However, if the lungs are healthy and therefore fully functional, they ensure that sufficient oxygen is transported to the cells via the blood. In this case oxygen saturation in the blood is nearly 100%. Because of this would be superfluous to administer even more oxygen.


Here is a simple comparison from technology. A poorly calibrated combustion engine creates a lot of harmful emissions, operate and reduced power and has a shorter service life. These problems cannot be solved by putting in more fuel.


Moreover, the body's ability to utilise oxygen optimally is further impaired by increasing age, illness, stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and environmental pollution. However, each of the 60 billion cells in the body needs oxygen to produce energy to regulate up to 1000 million chemical reactions per second. This is where AIRNERGY comes in. Using a patented method that replicates the natural processes of photosynthesis, the oxygen from the air is continuously converted to its high energy state (singlet oxygen) - the physiologically active, reactive form of oxygen that the body recognises. This does not involve administering additional, concentrated oxygen, adding ozone or other foreign substances or ionising oxygen. 

The principle of "Quality rather than quantity' applies. Put very simply, the result of this is increased oxygen uptake and enhanced utilization in the body's cells. 

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