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Aging gracefully inside and out

Advances in medical science have meant that people are living longer and longer. It is therefore all the more important to enjoy the second half of one's life without any loss of health or vitality.

There is a wide spectrum of changes that occurs in the human body as we age.

And mostly after the age of 40. If you do nothing about it, then 10 to 20 years down the line, the body systems can be compromised and may become too late.

This is usually due to functional disturbances. The immune system and nervous system must be supported, the blood vessels protected, metabolic processes and sleep optimised.

To Age Better: Energy from Inside

The Airnergy Spirovital method can help to keep illnesses at bay and to minimise their duration and effects. Since the body then uses up less energy to restore itself, more energy is available for enjoying life. This can include: regulation of metabolism, cell production and protection, strengthening the heart, reducing wrinkles, enhancing brain metabolism.

But primarily Airnergy Spirovital therapy helps with autonomic disorders and usually after only a short period of treatment. Because it can affect emotional factors such as feelings of self-worth, experience joy and happiness and motivation. It creates a positive foundation for subsequent organic changes. Hence secondary diseases and accompanying symptoms can be minimised.

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